• Our team is thoroughly experienced in providing all aspects of General Practice health care, including general medicine, paediatrics, immunisations, minor surgery, skin cancer checks, women’s health, contraception, men’s health and much more.
  • To provide you and your family with high quality health care, from treating acute illness to disease prevention.
  • Our surgery is fully accredited with AGPAL Quality In Practice, ensuring all standards required by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners are met.
  • From babies and children, through to the elderly and handicap, every one of our patients is important to us. We are dedicated to helping you with all your medical problems in an individualised and confidential manner.
  • Dr Tanner holds a Bachelor of Medicine (Newcastle) degree and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Dr David Woods holds a Bachelor of Biomedical Science ( University of Newcastle), Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).
  • To provide best practice, evidence based medicine, using Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and other professional guidelines.
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Civic Medical News Follow our news page to help keep your family healthy!

About Our News Page


Welcome to our latest of “Civic Medical News” where our aim is to keep our Patients and the community up to date with everything happening in and around our surgery.

This section of our website, was created as part of our of our Quality Improvement process with the view to update its content every month. Over time, We will cover a range of topics such as the importance of Cancer Screenings, updates on current Immunisation Schedules, staying sun smart in those warmer months and tips on living an active lifestyle, just to name a few.

If there is a particular subject you would like to see us cover on this page, please inform our reception staff or alternatively you can place your request in our suggestions box in the reception area.

Coronavirus - (COVID-19)

coronavirus image

As a precaution based on the latest and best medical advice, the World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of International concern.

If you have any symptoms such as a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath and have travelled internationally or have been in close contact with someone diagnosed or suspected of having the Coronavirus it is important to take the appropriate action.

It is advised to self-isolate and call either your GP surgery or local emergency department for further advice.

For more information, please visit www.health.gov.au.

When Should I get the Flu Injection?

FLU SHOTSWith winter fast approaching, a lot of people start asking the question “when will the flu vaccine will be available” and “should we have a flu vaccine”. Here at Civic Medical, we’re expecting the vaccines to arrive late April and we will start to take bookings once they are in stock.

An annual vaccine against influenza is the most effective way to protect against the flu and our Doctors and Nurses here at Civic Medical encourage all patients from 6 months of age to have the vaccine. The 2019 vaccine which we will keep this year will protect against 4 strains of influenza. Every flu season is different and the flu affects everyone in different ways but can have devastating consequences ending in hospitalisation and sometimes even death.

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Cancer Screening

cervicallogobreastscreen logobowel cancer logoWant to know how to take care of yourself? Increase your life expectancy? Reduce serious complications from illness?

The answer is simple – actively participate in Australia’s 3 National Cancer Screening Programs.

  • Bowel Cancer – for both men and women. Screening starts at age 50 and is every 2 years up to the age of 74.
  • Breast Screen – for all eligible women over the age of 50 ( it’s also free from age 40 ) every 2 years up to the age of 74.
  • Cervical Screening – Screening commences at age 25 and continues up to age 74.

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Know Meningococcal

know meningococcal logo 300x211IInvasive Meningococcal Disease (IMD) can be tricky to detect – and can have devastating consequences.

Ask your GP or Registered Nurse about Meningococcal vaccinations. The most common strains are preventable with vaccination. No single vaccine can protect against all strains of IMD vaccines do not cover all strains of IMD.

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Slip, Slop, Slap, Wrap !

sunsmart logoWith the summer months upon us, the warmer weather sees more people enjoying the outdoors more frequently with trips to the beach, parks and just generally being more social. Although the sun and its Ultra Violet (UV) radiation is our best source of vitamin D it is also the major cause of Skin Cancer so It’s also a great time to think about your skin and what steps you can take to ensure you’re looking after it the best you can.

Read more: Slip, Slop, Slap, Wrap !


MeaslesSince November 2018, the media have been alerting the pubic of a Measles outbreak in NSW.

Measles is a serious and highly contagious air bourne and contact disease that can be prevented by the MMR vaccine (which protect against Measles, Mumps and Rubella). All Children and adults born during or after 1966 should be vaccinated with 2 doses of this vaccine. Unfortunately, children under 1 are most susceptible to this disease as the first scheduled vaccine isn’t until 12 months of age. These vaccines are government funded and are free to patients. If you are unsure of your immunity, this can be checked by your GP with a simple blood test.


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